Lee Claremont

Cultural Background: Mohawk/Irish, member of the Grand River Iroquois Six Nations in Oshweken, Ontario

Lee is Mohawk and Irish and was born in Woodstock, Ontario. She is a member of Grand River Six Nations in Oshweken, Ontario. She has a BFA from the University of British Columbia and now resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC.

Lee Claremont is more than an Indigenous artist. She is a visual storyteller who has an intimate understanding of the language that colour speaks. Her explosions of colour burst into the world of painting, intertwining texture, pattern and life through a uniquely Indigenous worldview. She creates for us a world that bridges the past with the contemporary bringing healing through the beautiful balance of playfulness, truth-telling and courage.

Lee’s artwork can be found in National and International collections including a worldwide travelling exhibition of female artists that started in China at the 5th United Nations Conference of Women and Children. Lee’s images can also be found on book covers, art cards, event posters CD covers and much more including a line of fabric she designed.

“My paintings are a journey to formulate the existence of the contemporary world intermingled with the universality of traditional values, protocol and cultures of indigenous peoples. While I maintain my Mohawk roots and culture, the influence of Indigenous people and the land inform my work. My hope is that my images inspire us all to continue the healing in our communities today and for generations to come.”


Origine Culturelle: Mohawk/Irish, member of the Grand River Iroquois Six Nations in Oshweken, Ontario

Lee Claremont, d’origine Mohawk et irlandaise, est née à Woodstock en Ontario. Elle est membre des Grand River Six-Nations de Oshweken en Ontario mais vit maintenant dans la vallée de l’Okanagan en Colombie-Britannique. Lee a commencé ses études d’art au collège de l’Okanagan à Kelowna en Colombie-Britannique ou on l’a encouragé à suivre le programme des beaux-arts de l’Université de Colombie-Britannique de Vancouver.
Peu de temps après avoir obtenu son baccalauréat des beaux-arts avec honneurs, elle a été acceptéec au sein du programme de maîtrise. Lee est fortement attachée au concept d’éducation continue et elle enseigne au centre En’Owkin, un collège aborigène international. Elle a dirigé de nombreux ateliers et aime partager son savoir et son amour de l’Art.


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